Nurse Led Care


Our nursing homes offer 24/ highly-experienced clinical support, ensuring you, or your loved ones, consistently receives the medical care and attention they need. The teams have experience in supporting wide-ranging complex needs from Parkinson’s Disease to multiple sclerosis, Motor Neurone Disease or stroke. This is done in partnership with the individual’s clinical supporter network (GPs, Consultants, Subject Matter Experts) ensuring there is a consistency and quality of care and support throughout.

Getting to know you

All residents will have Personal Care Plan, with their care and support build around the details as contained in the plan. Reviewed in partnership with the patient, their loved ones, and the wider clinical network, the plan details how our support will aid re-enablement and empowerment giving back the choice and control that may have been lost

Treating residents as individuals

Our homes encourage a full and active lifestyle for every resident in our community. Above all, each Resident is treated as an individual and encouraged to exercise choice in all aspects of their care. A friendly, homely, atmosphere ensures that everyone is able to continue their daily life with personal privacy and dignity