Mental Health


Valorum Care Group, and our partner brands, are firm advocates that all but the most Complex Mental Health needs can best be supported within community. In fact, it is only within such settings, that individuals can continue the journey to better mental health, shifting their mindset from one of being a ‘patient’ to being an active and popular member of their local community.

How we do this

All our support starts from established a holistic understanding of the individual; their background, interests, friends / families, health needs and everything else.

From these conversations we can begin to talk about the support we can provide, exploring how such support can build the internal resilience and confidence needed to embrace life and the opportunities it offers.

This insight is captured within a Personal Care Plan (PCP) capturing the choices of the individual regarding where they want their life to go, and how we, as their supporter, can help them achieve this.

Our properties

A key part of the recovery journey is having your own space. We support this by being able to offer individual tenancies in homes matched to individual preferences and locations. Each home is just an ordinary house or apartment block within the local community, removing the stigmatisation that can occur around Mental Health.