White Windows have their own cinema


White Windows have their own cinema

Residents of White Windows are now enjoying trips to the cinema without even leaving their scheme.

The residents are able to see their favourite movies in the scheme’s brand new cinema room thanks to a donation from volunteer group Friends of White Windows.

The donation paid for a projector, a 120 inch screen and a sound system, which together with a donated mixing desk, has resulted in a state-of-the-art cinema.

The scheme came up with the idea for the pop-up cinema as a way to let residents enjoy one of their favourite pastimes during the Covid restrictions.

The cinema even serves up popcorn and is decked out in a range of film promotional posters.

Valorum Care Group Service Manager Carolyn Housbey said, “I’d really like to thank everyone for their donations.

“We’ve been able to create a fantastic new room for the residents to enjoy.

“We’re planning weekly film nights along with screening documentaries and using the system to take residents on virtual tours of museums and other attractions which will really help during Covid restrictions”

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