About Us

1st Enable have been working in the supported living sector since 2012 for people with learning disabilities. Some of our founding members and employees originally worked in NHS assessment and treatment wards, including our Clinical Director Sarah Dawson, who was an experienced ward sister. This experience gave us first-hand insight into the fact that hospitals and other registered services were often needlessly restricting personal independence and quality of life. So, we set up a new model of community-delivered care and support, built on continually evolving and responding to individual needs and ambitions.

Our organisational culture is based on being a supportive environment and one which encourages choice from the start. We exercise human rights in a carefully staged and engaging way, ensuring nobody feels scared or uneasy about the life journey they want for themselves.

We adopt person-centred tools to provide the best support possible and we understand the importance our employees play in delivering the correct levels of care.

The impact of our approach has helped us rapidly grow, to the point where today we are running services across the North of England and Wales and continuing to expand the offer into other parts of the UK.

Our services

Our range of services include:

Supported living

Built upon Active Support principles, our Supported Living approach provides individuals with the opportunity to lead the life they want to lead.

Our support focuses on what is important to the individual – at home, at work and in the community. It centres onthe things they want to do in life and what is important for them e.g. keeping safe and healthy.

Effective communication is central to the way we work. By listening carefully to what people say through their words or behaviour, we ensure our support matches their needs.  This support is enhanced by staff being able to access advice and guidance from our national Subject Matter Experts (such as our Positive Behaviour Team). This ensures all delivery is best-practised aligned and able to provide the support framework in which every individual can thrive.


Our Outreach Service provides the highest quality care and support possible at home & in the community for people with mild, moderate and severe Learning Disabilities.

We believe in providing a personalised service and reflecting this our support packages are always individually tailored to meet the specific needs of the person. Our overall aim is to support people to reach their full potential and we achieve this by facilitating the learning of new skills and confidence building, whilst embracing the value of learning.

Skills centres

Our Skills Centres  provide personalised support to enabling and empowering individuals to maximise their opportunities to engage in social, occupational and educational activities. The services are provided within community venues to maximise social inclusion and to reduce isolation. There is a wide range of opportunities including opportunities to gain qualification through college tutor led educational sessions and practical led skilled sessions.

Recognising that people accessing the service will have a wide range of needs and abilities means the service is flexible and responsive to ensure that it is truly inclusive and continually delivers interesting and stimulating opportunities.

What’s more, our skills centre settings give individuals an invaluable opportunity to experience learning and therapeutic activities, developing their skills and confidence and have the chance to make new friends and relationships

Living Escapes

Our Living Escapes services are designed for people with a learning disability and their families, to give them a change to escape from their daily routine and come and enjoy a short break with us.

The services aretailored to meet the individuals needs and their family/carers needs. This includes using the service as a chance to sample what supported living feels like, gradually building the confidence of the individual (and their family / carers) in how the approach can enhance their personal autonomy and the ambitions they hold for their life moving forwards.

Meet The Team


Jeff Dawson

Managing Director -1st Enable

Sarah Dawson

Clinical Director

Lee Todd

Operations Director

Suzanne Todd

HR Director