Case Study

Lewis overcomes personal challenges to watch mum tie the knot


Watching his mum tie the knot was the dream of Lewis who overcame a several personal challenges to attend her big day.

Lewis, who is diagnosed with Schizoaffective Disorder, was determined he would attend his mum Sylvia’s wedding, despite the size of the personal challenges facing him.

His conditions means he felt anxious and concerned about attending, but the team at his SIS supported living scheme in Stockport were on hand to encourage him

Mandie Wardle, Activity Coordinator, said: “We listed the worries and concerns, and went through them on the run-up to the big day.  His worries included using public transport and being around so many people, but we arranged a lift and encouraged him to stick with a friendly face.  He had a great day in the end and was just caught up in the celebrations. This really is why we love doing this job – it’s so rewarding.”

The wedding went so well for Lewis that he even gave a speech and caught a taxi back to his supporting living scheme at the end of the day.

Lewis said: “I knew it was not going to be easy attending the wedding, but it was my mum’s big day so I was determined to get there. In the end it was a fantastic day and I was even able to give a speech.”

Mum Sylvia said: “It was my special day and seeing Lewis there just made it extra special. I know he overcame so much to be with us. It was an emotional day and a few tears of joy were shed when we saw him standing here. I’m so proud of Lewis.”

Mandie added: “It was team effort as Lewis had so much support from everyone in his scheme. He continues to be supported and encouraged by us all, as well as by his key worker, Carole.”

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