Jonny gains love for music on path to Independence


Jonny has had to relearn many of the basic life skills we all take for granted – and he has also been picking up some new musical ones on the road to living a more independent life.

Jonny, who recently moved into a supported living apartment, has a condition affecting his short-term memory and this has impacted on his ability to do basic tasks.

The 52-year-old lives in an Adjuvo Care Supported Living Scheme in Clacton-on-Sea, Essex, and has been learning the skills needed to live more independently.

The former building surveyor has been learning how to shop and cook, and has done so well that he has been rustling up tasty dinners for his flat mates and staff.  His talent has even been in demand at a local luncheon club where he has been helping out with dinners.

But he has also been developing his musical talent at the same time, learning to play the piano and saxophone.

Jonny explained: “My condition means I need support to do basic tasks needed for day-to-day life. I can often forget really simple things, which has made life difficult. The support I’m getting from staff has helped me relearn tasks I have not been able to do for years. These skills are key to me being more independent.

“As my confidence has grown, I have also been able to have a go at learning to play an instrument. I’ve been having piano lessons and learning Beethoven and Mozart. It has made such as difference to my life.”

Jonny spent a year in hospital before moving into residential care and now supported living.  In his job as a building surveyor, Jonny travelled the country working on major projects.

He added: “It has been a difficult journey over the last few year. I have gone from losing most of the basic skills needed to live life, but now I am taking small steps to regain them and the future now looks a lot brighter.”

Life Skills Coach Steve Regent, who has worked with Jonny, said: “Jonny has shown real grit and determination on his path to leading a more independent life. We have been there to support him regain the skills needed to make the transition.

“We like to think we are here to help people like Jonny open more doors in their lives by giving them the master key to every life situation. The people we support are like part of our own family and we just want to see them get the most they can out of life.”

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