Engaging hearts and equipping minds at Valorum Care Group


Engaging hearts and equipping minds at Valorum Care Group

Valorum Care Group, is leading the way in promoting the benefits of working in the care sector by launching a new learning and development academy. The Valorum Care Group Academy aims to build skills and provide specialist training modules to offer opportunities for professional progression, specialisation and development for people working in the home and those interested in advancing their career in care.

Frontline care staff at Marske Hall which provides specialist nursing care and support to up to 30 residents with physical disability or long-term neurological conditions, will be offered a clearly defined career ladder which will allow them to move up from support worker roles to team leader, into deputy and clinical roles then on to registered manager and beyond. Those interested in moving into clinical roles can take part in the Care Home Assistant Practitioner training which will equip them to become more clinically focused, bridging the gap between care assistant and nurse. The Academy will enable people with managerial aspirations to enhance their leadership skills and take up senior roles within the business. Formal mentoring programmes, led by Valorum’s Executive Leadership Team, are also available to staff to produce the leaders of tomorrow.

Chloé Foster, People Director at Valorum Care Group, said: “We are passionate about supporting our colleagues to learn and develop, to become experts and grow in their careers. The VCG Academy will bring all Valorum Care Group’s learning and development opportunities for its employees under one roof.”

Chloé Foster explained: “With job stability, security and financial rewards, there is no better time to consider working in the care sector. As leading providers, we want people to have high expectations of a career in social care. To this end, the academy will have a defined focus on both frontline and leadership roles and will give people a clear career pathway to realise their ambitions.”

She added: “The Academy will ensure our people have the confidence, skills, and behaviours to be their very best in their roles. This will be achieved through a combination of practical and theoretical training which will be tailored to each specific role and service.”

Valorum Care Group CEO Rhian Stone said: “There is no greater asset than our people. High quality training and development is critical to our business to create quality services and a great place to work. We wish potential employees to recognise Valorum Care Group as a standout organisation. We truly value all the hard work and selfless dedication that we have seen, and our commitment is having a stable and happy team.”

“The Valorum Academy is a fantastic resource, for all our people, whatever their role. It will support frontline teams who provide outstanding care to our residents, and at the senior leadership level it will also help us to get our vital succession planning right. I’m really excited about its potential to deliver great things in the years ahead for Valorum Care Group.

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