Dominoes Pizza for a year!


Care worker Karen Dagley has won a year’s supply of pizza for residents and staff at her care scheme after being named a local legend during the Covid19 pandemic.


Karen, 56, who works at The Grange in Poole, Dorset, was nominated as a key worker local legend and scooped the £4,800 worth prize of pizza for the next 12 months, around 250 large pizzas.

The prize is part of the Domino’s Local Legends Team initiative to thank key workers for their efforts during the Covid-19 pandemic

Deputy manager Karen’s daughter, Hannah Eaton, 32, put her name forward for the prize after seeing how her mum and the team have worked so hard during the pandemic. Karen has worked at The Grange for 32 years.

Karen (pictured) said: “Like care workers up and the down the country I have just got on with my job during the pandemic, but it is lovely  to be recognised for the hard work. There were only 60 winners out of 43,000 entries and I’m sure they all deserved the prize given how tough it has been.

“We’ll be enjoying monthly pizza nights for residents and staff. It is a lot of pizza to get through, but I’m sure we will enjoy the challenge.”

The Grange is home to 20 residents with physical disabilities and has around 40 members of staff.

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