Case Study

ABI Story


ABI Story

Jane came to our Oaklands service two years ago having suffered and Acquired Brain Injury as a result of meningitis

The impact of the injury had meant that she was no longer able to communicate, eat or drink and required full support with every aspect of day-to-day life.

Since joining our service, her improvement has been incredible. Working in partnership with external clinical experts (such as the North Lancashire ABI team) , 
we developed and delivered a detailed rehabilitation programme, to include:

  • Neuro-physio and Hydrotherapy – enabling __ to regain her mobility.
  • Daily exercises focused on rebuilding communication skills – allowing __ to communicate with friends and family via video-chats throughout the lockdown period.
  • Drawing on Speech And Language Therapy (SALT) input, removing a reliance on PEG feeding.

Jane has embraced this support, with the progress made meaning she has a real chance of being able to return back home. An ambition we continue to support each and every day we work with her.

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