Supported Living

Our Supported Living services are founded on the principle of seeing the individual first, never the condition or diagnosis. This ethos underpins every aspect of how we work, helping people to live the life they want to live not the life prescribed to them.

To achieve these outcomes, we work with the individual (and their family, friends and wider supporter networks) to create strengths-based support plans. The plans provide a roadmap, offering a detailed guide as to what their current skills and abilities are, what they would like to achieve, and the support needed to move this journey forwards.

As we are all unique, there is no one model of support. Instead, we offer flexible staff teams and structures, able to react and adjust to changing needs and ambitions. This adaptability ensures support is built around the individual, not the organisation, and that every ambition (from wanting to make their own cup of coffee through to finding a job) receieves the focus, time and ongoing motivation required to help them be achieved and celebrated!