Nursing Care

Our nursing homes offer 24/7  clinical care and support, ensuring you, or your loved ones, receive the medical care and attention needed to live a positive and enjoyable life.

All homes are led by a registered Service Manager, ensuring clinical leadership and experience is at the heart of every care plan. This expertise is supplemented by a staff team trained and experienced in complex condition management to include supporting individuals with Parkinsons, Huntingtons, ABI (to include Stroke related injuries) and Multiple Sclerosis diagnoses.

All care is undertaken in partnership with the resident’s wider clinical supporter network (GPs, Consultants, Subject Matter Experts) ensuring there is a consistency and quality of care and support at every stage. In addition, we recognise the key role families and friends play,  working hard to ensure they remain involved and supported throughout the care journey. Our services are built on a culture of open and honest conversations, providing an environment in which everyone feels comfortable to share thoughts, concerns and aspirations.

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